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Surface Induced Crystallization of Polymeric Nano-particles: Effect of Surface Roughness

Authors: Ahmad Jabbarzadeh; Xin Chen

Publication Date: -0001-11-30  Article ASAP

.Molecular dynamics simulations are conducted to study crystallization of a polymeric system as a drop in isolated state and on a surface. It is shown that crystallization kinetics for the polymeric system as a particle on a smooth surface is much faster than in isolated form. We show however as the surface becomes rough the crystallization rate of the polymeric particle decreases. The effect of roughness was compared for two cases of a polymer drop partially (Wenzel state) and fully wetting the cavities (fully confined) on a rough surface. In both cases it was observed that crystallization was slower than that on a smooth surface, and crystal growth rate was decreased by increasing the characteristic roughness ratio. The crystallization on rough surfaces was still faster than that of the isolated polymer drop.  Read more